Some things may be 'friends only'. Not everything, but some of it. To be fair, it will most likely just be me moaning, lol. But if you want to add me, go ahead and leave a comment. I'll probably add most people back anyway, but let me know where I know you from, or what we have in common first please. Thanks!
Seems like everyone is flocking to Dreamwidth, so I'm following the masses, lol. I got this account ages ago, and it's ugly and seems to have a bunch of old, random LJ posts on it. Not sure why, they're not even in order of how they are on LJ :/

I guess I'll get round to deleting them eventually. Anyway, this is me  so if you're on here, add, ignore, whatever floats your boat :P 


Feb. 25th, 2011 07:09 pm
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Ok, not everything today has been bad

First of all, can I just say that I love them so much! They are too adorable for words <3333333333


So, I've sent out all my th_wishlist parcels now. I am so sorry guys, but for those of you that are a long way away, I'm not sure they will arrive before Christmas :( I hope by some miracle that they do, but my apologies if not. I'm a little scared about a couple I sent last week. They should have arrived by now I think. *frets*

In other news, and I know absolutely no-one will be interested lol, but, after camping him for about 60 hours in total, I tamed Arcturis! And he's beautiful ♥

So, I'm back - the worst LJ friend ever, lol. I've really tried to keep up with everyone's posts, but I guess I've failed, sorry. I'm catching up though, slooowly! The Christmas wishlist is getting away from me a bit. I've tried to keep up, but if any of you on my flist are on there and I haven't commented, please link me!

I also want to say a huge thank you to the person who wrote this ...


I honestly don't know how Tumblr works or how I leave a response to that, but thank you so much if you read this, it was unexpected. ♥

Still catching up with TH dramas of the day! So, a Best of Album? In a variety of versions? Lol. Guess I'd better start earning some extra cash o_O

Hope everyone is ok and had a nice weekend?
 THIS report is amazing. If it was April Fools Day you'd think they were having us on - a bit like the flying penguins, lol. For those of you who don't want to read it and want the short version, it's basically about new species being found in the Amazon rainforest. The latest list (from 1999 to present) includes ....

* Giant anacondas

* A whole range of mulitcoloured frogs, 24 of the poison dart variety, plus a translucent one

* 257 new types of fish, including a giant catfish that eats monkeys (one of which was over 1.5 metres long and weighed more than 70 pounds) and a tiny catfish that was bright red and blind

* 500 new spiders, including a tarantula that is completely brown except for a pair of fluorescent blue fangs

* 637 new plants, including a custard apple! 

* And last, but most definitely not least, 39 new mammals, including a Pink River Dolphin. A PINK RIVER DOLPHIN *__* 

This planet is awesome, we have to stop destroying it! 



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